MTV Video Music Awards 2010

MTV Video Music Awards 2010
Lady Gaga won eight awards MTV

Lady Gaga won eight awards MTV

American pop singer Lady Gaga set a record to collect awards at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010. Lady Gaga's videos were presented in 13 nominations, eight of which she won. Is this not a testimony of people's love, considering that in most of the nominations the winner is determined by the vote of the viewers of the TV channel.

Lady Gaga won the award in the main category "Best Video of the Year" for the clip "Bad Romance". As stated on the MTV Video Music Awards website, for this song "I want to take a bath, cry and dance at the same time."

It's funny, but in this main category Lady Gaga competed, including herself, because the award was also claimed by her video "Telephone", created in conjunction with Beyonce. But also this clip did not remain without a prize, having won in a nomination for "the Best joint work". By the way, last year it was Beyonce who became the owner of the most important MTV award for the video for the song "Single Ladies".

In addition, Lady Gaga received awards in the nominations "Best Pop Video of the Year", "Best Video of the Performer", "Best Dance Video", "Best Choreography", "Best Director" and "Best Installation".

Apparently expecting such a "harvest" awards, Lady Gaga and dressed up appropriately. Her multi-layer dress, designed by designer Alexander McQueen, can be called "Autumn Gold". It seems that the wind raced around the girl a heap of autumn leaves. Naturally, to move in this outfit, but on high platforms and heels is not easy. Therefore, the singer appeared with two uniformists, who insured her when walking.

The famous white rapper Eminem received two awards: in the nomination "Best Video of the Year (Men)" and "Best Hip-Hop Video" for his clip "Not Afraid". Together with singer Rihanna, he opened the awards ceremony, but even without receiving his awards, he soon rushed off to the airport to catch his concert in New York.

The nomination "Best Young Performer" was won by Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber (last year this category was won by Lady GaGa).

In the nomination "Best Rock Video", the victory was won by the video "Kings And Queens" of the group 30 Seconds to Mars, whose leader is actor Jared Leto.

In the nomination "The best work of the artist" the prize went to the clip of the group "Florence and the Machine" "Dog Days Are Over".

In the nomination "Best Cinematography", the first was the clip of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind w / Alicia Keys".

The clip of British rock band Muse "Uprising" received the award in the nomination "Best Special Effects".

"Opening of the Year" was the band The Black Keys with the clip "Tighten Up".

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