The contest "New Wave" remains in Jurmala

The contest "New Wave" remains in Jurmala
The contest New Wave remains in Jurmala
The contest "New Wave" remains in Jurmala

Organizers of the international contest of young performers of popular music "New Wave" and Jurmala Duma will conclude an agreement on holding a festival in this resort city for a year.

As reported in the organizing committee of the festival, the competition will be held traditionally on the stage of the Jūrmala Concert Hall "Dzintari" from July 23 to 28. Until the end of March, applications for the European qualifying round of the contest, which will be held in Riga on April 11, continue. In addition, the sale of tickets for the festival began.

The contest "New Wave" came to replace the all-Union well-known festival "Jurmala". The patrons of the contest are two maestros - Igor Krutoy and Raymond Pauls. Participants in the musical competition compete in three categories: "Hit your country", "World hit" and your own song. In addition to the contestants, dozens of Russian and foreign stars perform on the stage.

For eleven years of its existence, "New Wave" has opened for the public Russian performers such as "Smash!", Anastasia Stotskaya, Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina and Irina Dubtsova. Some of the contestants subsequently represented their countries at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Last year, Krutoy said that the "New Wave" will no longer be held in Jurmala. However, the Jurmala Duma managed to keep the contest in the resort city and conclude an agreement with the organizers for a year.

Early last month, Pauls announced his decision this year not to participate in the organization of this competition.

Tickets for the contest "New Wave 2013", which will traditionally take place in the concert hall "Dzintari" from July 23 to 28 this year, were on sale. The price is from 20 to 270 lats.

At the moment, the organizing committee of the contest accepts applications from those wishing to participate. Detailed information on the conditions of the competition is published on the official page of the festival - Applications can be submitted by March 31, and the selection of participants from Europe and other continents will be held in Riga on April 11. The venue of the selection round will be announced by the organizers later, as well as the list of honorary guests of the festival.

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