Unconsciousness of the rules does not exempt them from the need to fulfill them. 

The creation of any message on the forum automatically means your acceptance of these rules and the need to comply with them.

These rules are designed for the normal functioning of the forum, their goal is to create a convenient and rich, really valuable, information resource.

Before creating a new topic, make sure that a similar topic does not exist - use the search.

If such a theme is created by someone else, but there is no answer to your question, just continue the existing topic by asking your question in it.

If the question concerns the topics of 2 or more sections, then it is not worth writing in all, it is enough to ask your question in one of them. Repeated topics will be deleted.

It is forbidden to create the same themes in different forums - this will be regarded as a flood. If you made a mistake and created a topic in the wrong forum, write a private message to the moderator of this section with an explanation of this error - he will move your topic to the desired forum.

When creating a new topic, make sure that you place it in the topic section.

Before creating a topic with a question, try to correctly formulate your own question for yourself.

Create a topic with a title that reflects the essence of your question or message. For the names of themes like "Help ....", "There is a Question", "I do not know what to do", as well as topics with unnecessary signs like + = Super topic = +, or consisting of a meaningless set of letters (since uygsfkz) the top will be immediately removed and in case of repeated violations you will be prohibited from creating new topics and posting messages, and as a consequence, you will not have access to the forum.

When creating a topic-question about a problem, it can make a difference, and it is customary to specify:

Correctly worded topic name attracts more attention and the chances of getting a specific answer increase.

Be patient, waiting for answers to the questions asked. It is allowed to raise topics no more than once a week. Otherwise, your messages or topic may be deleted, and you will be punished with a warning.

It is forbidden to create messages that violate the overall design of the site (placing images of large sizes, words containing a large number of continuous characters).

It is prohibited to publish messages containing deliberately false information, rude, obscene language, insults, as well as calls and statements that violate existing legislation.

It is forbidden to create themes with a large percentage of CAPITAL LETTERS in the title (in some cases this right may be used by the forum administration). Respect your interlocutors, they may have an opinion that you are shouting at them.

It is forbidden to write messages that contain no meaning and do not add value to the topic. Similar publications will be REMOVED without warning! For the flame there are other resources on which you will be allowed to show their eloquence.

It is forbidden to create themes with an appeal to a specific member of the forum. For personal communication, use e-mail or "private messages".

It is forbidden to use graphical emoticons in the message. Such messages are very hard to read.

It is forbidden to use Latin characters when writing messages. For those who do not have a Russian keyboard, the forum introduced a system for the translation of Latin characters into Russian. Messages whose authors will not comply with this rule will be deleted without warning.

It is forbidden when writing messages using a lot of useless code - if you have a question about a function, it makes no sense to spread the code of the entire module or topic.

It is forbidden to publish links (or download) to "nullified" scripts or scripts with a license that prohibits the transfer of code to a third party.

It is forbidden to use this forum in the form of an advertising platform (including hidden advertising), publish referral links.

The Administration reserves the right to:

Transfer topics and individual posts that do not correspond to the subject of the forum, in a suitable forum.

Closing or deleting topics that violate the established order and are contrary to these rules.

Block access of violators to the forum and the site as a whole.

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