Silence In the Snow (Special Edition) - Trivium

Silence In the Snow (Special Edition)


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2015-10-02
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2015 Roadrunner Records


Title Artist Time
Snøfall Trivium 1:28 USD 1.29
Silence In the Snow Trivium 3:40 USD 1.29
Blind Leading the Blind Trivium 4:25 USD 1.29
Dead and Gone Trivium 3:46 USD 1.29
The Ghost That's Haunting You Trivium 4:09 USD 1.29
Pull Me From the Void Trivium 3:53 USD 1.29
Until the World Goes Cold Trivium 5:21 USD 1.29
Rise Above the Tides Trivium 3:54 USD 1.29
The Thing That's Killing Me Trivium 3:30 USD 1.29
Beneath the Sun Trivium 3:56 USD 1.29
Breathe In the Flames Trivium 5:10 USD 1.29
Cease All Your Fire Trivium 5:01 USD 1.29
The Darkness of My Mind Trivium 4:46 USD 1.29


  • One my all-time favorite albums

    By Dimebg Dave
    Not really a Trivium fan except for this album. Beginning to end, every song crushes with chorus & pre-chorus hooks, great rhythms and riffs. I enjoyed Cookie Monster vocals not present on this album.
  • awesome

    By Album cover says it all!
    tired of screaming vocals, love the change
  • Haters are gonna Hate

    By Swol Joel
    I don’t even care what the haters say about the album they don’t know what they’re talking about I believe that every band can change their sound how they want and also still have the same trivium feel. I love this album a lot!!
  • All around great

    By Derrick DS
    Easily their best album. Perfect blend on heavy instrumentals and melodic vocals.
  • No screams... but

    By V4DER7758
    It’s understandable why this is more straight metal without any screams, Matt tore a chord and had to lay off for a bit. But... it’s not a problem, HIS CLEANS ARE FREAKING GOD LIKE. Like he used to sound very comparable to James Hetfield, now he has his own unique voice that is amazing! This definitely puts this release up there with the other albums.
  • Awesome album

    By Kevinsmidt
    Maybe I am getting older, but I actually welcome the change to their sound and prefer it over their older stuff.
  • Eh.

    By NotARegularDude
    It's not the best, but definitely better than VF. It could be worse I suppose. I just wish they go back to the days of IW and Shogun.
  • New fan

    By jj43jj
    So for those that are like me and like to read reviews before buying the album this will help a lot. First of all if your a huge screamo/death metal fan this album definitely is not for you, you might want shogun for that one. But for someone that loves bands like disturbed, five finger death punch, and avenged sevenfold this album is awesome. It's great if you haven't fully gotten into screaming and all that yet. A lot of people will use silence in the snow as the best song. But to me that's not true it's just the cover, I would have to say the best songs are either cease all your fire or dead and gone. Both have great beats, guitar may take a backup role on them to focus on the vocals but I understand why that happens when a singer wants to actually focus on vocals. I can almost guarantee that the entire band agreed on this album so the fans that hate it just want another "shogun".
  • Evolution

    By Metal_vet
    Unexpected and awesome. Shogun is epic, but if I wanted more Shogun I'd listen to...Shogun.
  • Very good

    By SjotxugtbyhrhthdgSh
    You gotta admit that this album is great even if you're all about screaming. I honestly really like how they make the music they want to make