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  • Jaedyn costa

    By ydpnv
    We talk about Bruno is coming to Disney+
  • Waiting On A Miracle🔥🔥🔥

    By French_Friies101
    This song is so realistic in feelings of not feeling good enough for other people.. It represents the sorrow and upset feeling of being the only madrigal with no gift, it shows how she feels about the pain she goes through while the village and even her own Abuela are still talking about her not getting a gift. It also represents the loneliness and un-noticed attitudes that go towards her because she has no gift. Great song and great meaning!
  • Encanto 🙄

    By Idkkkkkkkk ok??
    The move is like kinda ok but yah I used to love it but i atched 20 times so it got boring so.
  • Jacob Dan said Jan

    By fgjkjufd
    Jacob Dan said a message message sent to tw
  • Encanto: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    By Jesse1953
    My favorite is “Dos Oruguitas” in the movie, and I always turn on the English CC to read the words in English. What’s funny is I’m a 70-year old man, and the music brings me to tears. I love the entire album, and especially the acoustic versions of the music.
  • いや高

    By djeueuzn

    By magic is amazing 🪄
    I don’t care if it’s your opinion if you don’t like these simply just leave! Don’t be making rude comments and no they didn't copy Mha and since when was Mha in this? I might be only 10 years old but I know more than you! And first of all just because Encanto got popular does not mean you can give a whole attitude about it! And Encanto is not popular anymore so don’t even worry about it! And if you make fun of movies or there songs I’ll make sure everyone hates you and don’t be saying I can’t because guess what? Little kids can do big things! >:) SO yeah I hope your life goes bad and I hope the devil will hurt you :) so I suggest you apologize to them or else
  • It was good

    By nicalsof
    I really liked it, and it was also one of the most greatest newer Disney movie they made! Great job Disney!
  • How I like Encanto

    By AAA kniall500
    I love Encanto and my favorite character is Isabella and Mirabel and Luisa and the mom and the grandma and Papa I just like all of the characters
  • Hxhxjxjnxxnnxn

    By ZOp zs
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