Throes of Perdition


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-02-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:49

Music Video


  • Great Video

    By Eric Treu
    This video is amazing, and I think that bands usually pick the songs that "they" like the best on their CD and have the best meaning to them Great video Keep it up Trivium!
  • WOW

    By rock till u drop
    holy crap this video is awsome and if this video was alive it would kill any and every thing in its path till its thurst for blood has been met!!!!!!!!!!
  • Epic

    By bulletFAN!
    When the double bass kicks in the video is so Epic dude. Made my heart race abd emotions went through me like a ghost.
  • Holy Crap!!!!

    By ZachCampbell69
    This video is amazing! Throes is finally complete! I was actually expecting Trivium would make an IntoThe Mouth of Hell We March video before a Throes of Perdition one. So this surprized me a bit. I was really not expecting this at all. And now that i've seen it i can't get enough of it! I still don't think any video will be able to top Down From The Sky unless Trivium has like the most amazing idea for their next video, but this comes very close. This is for you lovers of Trivim: Buy this video because i'm sure you have the song already. And if you don't even have the song then get it! Trivium rocks! Now lets hope they make an Into the Mouth of Hell video. Vote "yes" if you agree.
  • Awesome

    By DickHertz
    awesome video awesome song!!!
  • A good one to have

    By vf1superrick
    I saw them play this song live in Houston, TX and it was BRUTAL when the entire crowd was screaming DIE!!! This is not their best song, but one of the better ones on Their newest CD, Shogun.
  • A must buy, this song and video cannot be touched

    By Musical Aura
    Since I'm the first reviewer let me just be blunt. This is a song of epic proportions. As Trivium has said, they did something different this time around and left some of the interpretation of their songs up to the listeners. To my ears this song depicts the unfairness of the world, how the odds will always be against you, and how by being strong you can break the chains by which you are held to free yourself from adversity. As for the song itself, the first time I heard it let alone saw the video I was left speechless. The clean vocals on this song literally made my heart skip a beat. It leaves you with a feeling of forgotten nostalgia. It hits home right at the heart. This song is an excellent representation of what Trivium is now. It puts on display how much these young men have grown since they started out (only kids at that) especially in the case of lead singer Matt Heafy. You can truely see how he's evolved through the years. Now he shows us he can do it all. The screaming, the raspy singing, the clean vocals, all to perfection. I was amazed at the variety kept in this song. Matt Heafy uses his entire arsenal in Throes of Perdition and shows why Trivium is now one of the top on the metal ladder. The solo is blistering yet conveys much emotion and goes with the feel of the song. The drums are numbing (in a good way) especially during the breakdown and the bass is spot on. If you're a fan of metal yet are looking for something with new elements and a video you can watch over and over again, then check out Throes of Perdition. It is more than worth the $1.99 and you won't regret it.